Review: The Ruling Class

With the current political turbulence in Britain as the classes divide like never before and privilege becomes the byword for a newly emerging aristocracy, it shows considerable foresight that York DramaSoc had chosen to produce this particular play, first published in 1968 but having gained an even greater significance now than it had even then. […]

Interview: The Ruling Class

As the University of York’s Drama Barn welcomes a new year of varied and exciting performances, Unknown Magazine were able to chat with some of the cast and crew of The Ruling Class. Set amid a struggle for power in the upper strata of elite English society, Peter Barne’s satire follows the newly acceded 14th […]

Review: Well-Fangled Theatre’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tucked away just off of Clifford Street, Friargate Theatre played the perfect host to Well-Fangled Theatre’s adaption of A Midsummer Night’s Dream yesterday evening. The liminality of the little playhouse reflected the setting of Shakespeare’s timeless comedy, fantastically interpreted by director Mark France and expertly taken on by a universally talented cast. Taking a seat […]

Review: Asockalypse

With a superb premise and dynamic cast, It Came From The Tumble Dryer premiered the third and final instalment of the ongoing Asockalypse trilogy, as performed at the two Drama Society Writers’ Showcases this academic year. The play recapped the events of the first two parts, and offered a conclusion which held fast to the established absurd […]




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  • Review: Asockalypse
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