Review: Frankenstein

“I did not ask to be born, but once born, I will fight to live. All life is precious – even mine.” The story of Frankenstein is one that has been told in many forms, each honing in on a different aspect of Shelley’s creation. In this particular adaption by Nick Dear, it is The […]

Review: Jerusalem

“I’m a heavy stone, me. You try and pick me up, I’ll break your spine.” This week in the Drama Barn, DramaSoc presents Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth, directed by Jessie Nixon and assisted by Matthew Edwards. An unrelenting play with themes of human attachment, disillusioned youth and damaged relationships, this production is raw and highly […]

Review: The Ladykillers

  “Would you like some tea?”   Nestled in post-war North London, the home of one Mrs. Wilberforce is descended upon by a cabal of clandestine criminals intent on grand larceny. Adapted by acclaimed comedy writer Graham Linehan, this period farce is laced with caricature and humour enough to stun a parrot. The character is […]

Review: The Machine Stops

A chilling portent of a potential future, this physically impressive new play guides the audience’s imagination through a world in which that very sense has become obsolete. The inhabitants of the titular Machine are so far removed from the natural world and first-hand experience that they have lost themselves and their humanity to technology: to […]




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  • Review: The Ladykillers
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  • Review: The Machine Stops
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